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Vintage Brooch Bride’s Bouquet, Agents, Editors and Redneck Antique Dealers


I’ve been working on creating a bride’s bouquet out of vintage brooches and it struck me how similar it is to starting a new writing project—which I happen to be struggling with.


I’ve got an over all picture of where the story’s going and tons of glittery tidbits to create it from, but I’m afraid of starting in full force, afraid of shattering the dream or altering it. But, like making the bouquet, I know eventually I’ll have to risk ruining something or having the shape come out lopsided—or I’ll never get to the final product.  Sigh.


Speaking of starting, I’ve had a lot of new beginnings lately, which is one reason my blog has suffered. My husband has dealt antiques all his life, even as a kid. Finally, he decided to start selling on Ebay. It’s been a fantastic kick in the butt for our income. However, my wheeling and dealing husband had never used a computer, so I’ve been teaching him—which as been interesting.


Also I started querying MH to agents—need I say more?


On top of that I discovered one of my manuscripts (which I gotten great feedback on but lost faith in) fit what a couple of respected editors were looking for, and the editors were open to unagented subs.  I’m a bit uncomfortable about it, but for the first time I’m now playing both sides of the agent-editor fence with two different manuscripts.


Wish me luck—on all fronts. And sorry I've been absent from lj. I should be around more now that that my new beginnings are turning into middles--oh, that's muddled middles, isn't it?


Tags: antique dealing, funky, gratitude, inspiration, vintage, weddings

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