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Welcome fellow GUTGAA-ians.

Since we all have tons of blogs to visit, I’ll get straight to my official bio.

I’d love to say I spent my childhood in intellectual pursuits. The truth is I was fonder of exploring abandoned houses and old cemeteries—or of slogging around in swamps, calling birds and studying wild plants. When stuck indoors, I was likely to be found brewing up a concoction from plants I’d harvested in the woods or huddled over a paperback gothic novel that I’d smuggled into the house. Over the years, I slowly migrated from the Berkshires in Massachusetts to Northern Vermont. I can now be found in my 1830’s country store, arranging flowers and selling funky collectables and antiques (and writing).

I write YA, both contemporary and historical—with a touch of romance and most often a large dash of fantasy. My short stories have appeared in a number of venues, including Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show and Wildside Press’ Cat Tales. I also write quarterly articles for Vermont Bride Magazine.

Where do you write? My main writing space is a corner in my bedroom.

This would be to my left. Crap, I probably should have made my bed.

To my right are notes, some crystals and stones, a little dragon a CP gave me. Oh, yeah--and the bee coin and a terracotta oil lamp my sister got for me in Greece. She claims they came out of a cursed excavation site. The face on the oil lamp is supposedly a likeness of Medusa. Both the lamp and coin appear in my YA gothic, MOONHILL.

Favorite time to write? My favorite time would be Sunday morning. But a majority of my BIC time is weekday evenings.

Drink of choice while writing? Tea or coffee—hot or iced.

When writing, do you listen to music or do you need complete silence? Silence. Once in awhile I’ll listen to something funky, but I find lyrics distracting. I do like to have the windows open, so I can hear the river behind my house and the birds singing.

What was your inspiration for your latest manuscript and where did you find it?
Jonny Depp. Seriously. I was trying to decide what to write next, when I read that Jonny Depp was working on a remake of the old Dark Shadows TV show. I love gothic novels and I thought the genre would play to my writing strengths, so I decided to follow Jonny’s lead—though my story isn’t campy like the remake and doesn’t involve vampires.

Soon after that, the main character, a scene and this sentence came to me: I bowed my head and watched the outgoing tide swallow my mother, bits of gray washing over a starfish, over stones and shells, waves urging her into the arms of seaweed.

What's your most valuable writing tip? Hmmmm. I don’t think there’s a single most valuable. Oh, maybe there is DON’T LISTEN TO THE HEAD MONKEYS. Seriously, I’ve probably given and taken this advice more than anything else.

Thanks for stopping by. Follow my blog or Twitter @PatEsden and I will follow back.

This is a blog hop. Unfortunately, the linky isn't working for me. But here's a link back to Deana Barnhart’s blog. http://deanabarnhart.blogspot.com/


I LOVE seeing pictures of your writing space (and I recognize some of those words in that wordle on your bulletin board!

Mine is actually messy right now, the floor is covered with Raven's crap that needs to be moved up to her 1600 square foot studio!!!!! All I want is my little 12 x 10 room.
After going to a cool yardsale this morning, my writing space was invaded by old Japanese pottery--something I don't know much about except that there are price you don't walk away from.
This post is great. I love to see how my writer friends do their writing, were, etc. It's good to know you more!
How's your manuscript coming along? Are you querying? I spent so much of this summer working and revising that I haven't had time to keep up with my lj friends the way I would have liked to.

You should check out Deana's blog. Even if you don't take part in GUTGAA this year, you might want to in the future.
I'm revising again. Hoping I could query this winter. Although I'm going slow.
It seems you have been working a lot on your MS , are you querying?
I will check Deana's blog!
Yeah, I sent out a handful of queries a few weeks ago, then decided to join this party.

I followed you and entered GUTGAA I hope both of us have luck!
That's fantastic!

Good luck. Good luck!



Yard sale fodder can make for interesting stories. I don't even need the stuff--just the people. :)


Re: Collections

You're totally right--people and their stories.


Fellow GUTGAA high-five! Best inspiration I've seen yet, uncampy Dark Shadows sounds awesome.
I actually read some of the old Dark Shadow paperbacks for research. They were like campy junk food, nothing redeeming--just fun.


How fun. Thank you for the pictures. Have fun with GUTGAA.
I'm glad you like the photos! Yeah, it's great to get a chance to meet loads of writers and see what everyone's up to.
Good to see you here, Pat. Thanks for sharing visuals. You've got a river and birds to listen to while writing? So jealous! Best wishes with GUTGAA. ^_^
And otters--though the require watching and that kind of makes it hard to write anything.

Thanks for stopping by!


All this time I thought we WERE supposed to listen to those monkeys. Darn it. See you around GUTGAA!

Re: Hello!

Head monkeys are a sneaky lot :)

Hi Pat!

An 1830's country store, arranging flowers, and selling funky collectibles and antiques??? OMG! I have major day job envy!!! ;)

The WIP sounds awesome! :)

Re: Hi Pat!

I probably shouldn't mention that we had a shop bunny at one point ;)

Thanks for stopping by.


Nice to meet you! Sounds like you had a great childhood and have a cool story you are working on.
Nice to meet you as well!


ha! Johnny Depp inspires me too, on so many levels;) LOVE your writing space! So jealous! I usually end up writing from the bottom bunk of my kids bunk beds in hopes no one will find me..
A bunk writing cave sounds pretty smart to me--except I'd end up napping :)