patesden (patesden) wrote,

Writing Research, Noodle-heads and Sheep


Tonight, I launched into a bit of research for my WIP. It had to do with sheep care, specifically if salt blocks might be found in a modern-day sheep pasture (aka a graveyard).

I know how to care for a fairly wide variety of animals, however I didn’t recall ever having known anything about sheep. But, when Googling sheep care, one of the links was connected to a university class—a class I took years ago!  

Man, I feel like a complete noodle-head. When I took the class, I had guys and partying on the brain, still you'd think I'd remember something.  Hmmm-mm, it’s coming back now. It was a night class, mostly guys and I remember learning how to hold a sheep’s muzzle to lead it. Now that I think about it, I dropped the class because it wasn't what I'd expected. Who'd have guessed it would come in handy years later.


Hope you guys are having a great December. I’ve got balsam pitch under my fingernails and have started having nightmares about giant poinsettias—proof that the holiday season is upon us, or at least upon me J

Oh, and by the way, does anyone use salt/mineral blocks for sheep now-a-days? I never did find out. I don’t need to know if it’s normally used, just if it’s possible someone might.

Tags: research, sheep, writing

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