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Blogging, Panorama Sugar Eggs, Zombies and Fabio

(Photo of Blumchen's Panorama Sugar Eggs--link below)

Over the last week or so, I’ve been thinking about the sugar eggs I used to obsessively make for Easter (back when I was in my teens and had a scheme about selling them to tourists). I used to cut cute animal pictures out of old school books and spend hours arranging them into tiny panoramas. Then I spent an equal amount of time decorating the outside of the eggs. (The links below show frosting panoramas, but mine were much more detailed and paper) 

At any rate, last night my plan was to write a blog post on how to make sugar eggs. But instead I went to sleep and ended up making freaky sugar eggs in my dreams.

On the outside, the dream eggs were decorated with little pastel-colored sugar flowers and perfect piping. But inside, I had very un-Eastery scenes of Zombies staggering through bloody entrails. I had made a very special egg for my mom. It had a sexy cut out of Fabio surrounded by 3-D pink bunnies (of the four legged variety). My mom had no idea who Fabio was, but she keep holding up the egg and looking in it with lots of interest.

So now, instead of knowing how to make sugar eggs, you know how weird my dreams are.

Okay, here’s a link to instructions: http://candy.about.com/od/sugarcandy/r/sugar_eggs.htm

Here’s a place that sells them: www.blumchen.com/easter_shop_party_favors.html

Happy Easter-- to those of you who are celebrating.

I’m very close to being done revising CDW. I will be back here soon with a review of an amazing novel I just finished: NEAR WITCH by Victoria Schwab veschwab 


This blog title made me laugh!

Well, Easter is the holiday that is, we are told, all about rising from the dead.

Were the zombies cute and pastel, with pink blood and lime green entrails?

Happy Easter to you too!

Re: This blog title made me laugh!

Very definately not pastel zombies they were yucky with dark red blood--but there was lime green grass around the entrails :)

The dream made me laugh too.
I want a zombie egg!!! I'd give it to my son-in-law. He loves zombies, and he's also an atheist who still likes to get candy on Easter. Kinda fits!
I suspect he would love one. Maybe I should start creating now for next year year's Easter shamble.

You know...I think they'd sell!
You know--I've been hunting for my next novel idea and I think I have it or at least a thread.

(I totally agree with the selling thing)
Somehow it works almost better than Halloween zombies. They are so expected ;)