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The Faerie Queen's Deception: Lament--Maggie Stiefvater

What I love about faeries and the traditions surrounding them is how they can be twisted and changed into so many wonderful tales—remaining the same and transforming into something fresh at the same time. Maggie Stiefvater’s “The Faerie Queen’s Deception: Lament” accomplishes exactly this. 


The foundation of “Lament” is built on the old Celtic traditions I love--a few of my favorite mythic characters made guest appearances which was an added plus. The truth is once the red-eared hound appeared you couldn’t have pried the novel from my hands. Okay, boil me in oil I’m lying—my rapture happened pages before the hound appeared.


The characters and world of “Lament” felt real right down to most minor characters and settings. It’s a novel that started off intriguing and kept building until the last page.


 I feel like gossiping about all the details--about the music, the characters, my favorite scenes, the romance and horror. I feel like turning mute as to not spoil a delicious moment of the story—and that’s exactly what I think I’ll do . . . except for one thing. I won’t say if it was out of sadness or relief or happiness, but when I read the last line I cried.


What more could anyone ask from a story?






I just finished the book this morning! I loved the old and the new of it. Looking forward to reviewing it for my Wednesday reading update -- Weeee!
I tend to be a very slow reader. I like savoring stories, but I read the last third of Lament in one sitting. I'll probably go back and reread just for fun.

I'll have to check out your review.


Is it bad form to comment on a review if it's from someone on your f-list? :D

Awesome review, Pat, and I'm so glad you liked it. I'm a big sucker for archetypes and "cameos" by mythical figures -- I've loved it ever since Diana Wynne Jones would do it so skillfully in her stuff.
I don't think it is bad format. I do tend to only review novels I enjoy. The ones I don't like get thrown against a wall and I never mention them again.

Besides what's better than a bagpiper in love?

Great review, Pat. I actually bought this off Amazon a while ago and it's in my read pile since Maggie is one of my LJ buds, too. I have to finish OUTLANDER first then it's next up. You sure whet my appetite for it, though!
I had planned on working on revisions yesterday, but I'm so glad I took the time to finish LAMENT--it recharged me for the battle.

I suspect OUTLANDER is a book I should put on by to buy list. My next read is INTO THE DEN by Jesse Mattson. I have heard nothing about the book, but I met the young author and liked the blurb, so once revisions are done I'm going to crack it open.