May 29th, 2012

A Photo Shoot, an Award and a Crazy Month


Phew, May has been insanely crazy


Not only have I been busy with revising MH, and end of school proms and graduation flowers, but we bought another estate full of antiques . . .  Basically, my blog has had to take the back seat.


But I had to stop by and post some pictures from a  photo shoot. As most of you know, I write for Vermont Bride Magazine.  I have an article on tablescapes and terrariums coming out in their summer issue and they asked me to create some examples for a photo shoot.



I ended up suggesting we use the amazing commercial displays at Green Mountain Florist Supply for the backdrop.



(There's a tall terrarium behind the photographer, if you're curious)

I’ve missed you all—

Oh, and other big news, I now have reliable wifi for the first time ever. Yeah, I’m in the boonies. Yay, blog cruising just got 100% easier.




 Deirdra Eden awarded me with the Brilliant Writer Blog Award. Stop by and check out her blog. Loads of cool stuff, great posts and promotional ideas for writers and illustrators  Thank you very much, Deirdra.