March 9th, 2012

SECOND SIGHT by Cheryl Klein--and a reason to celebrate!

YAY! I’ve completed a solid first draft of MH.


Actually I finished drafting at the end of last week, but I was still working on a bookmap of the story. Now the bookmap's finished as well—which makes this a double YAY!!


I was inspired to create a bookmap after reading about them on Cheryl Klein’s blog . It looked to me like bookmapping would address a lot of the issues which I face when revising. And-- in my case--starting to create the bookmap when I was halfway through drafting worked better than waiting until the entire draft was finished (I tend to get bored with outlining and start skimming so I can move on to the revision stage).


At any rate, I ended up winning a copy of Cheryl Klein’s SECOND SIGHT which discusses bookmapping and a host of other revision and editing techniques. . I was going to do a detailed review of the book and how much I love it, but I think that’s unnecessary.  Simply, SECOND SIGHT is a must have tool for any writer who wants to hone their craft and would like to have a peek at the process from an amazing editor’s point of view.  


So what new revision techniques have you learned or used lately?