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Too Much Spam for My Taste buds

So, guys, I've called Livejournal my blogging home for quite a few years now. I've even stayed after many bloggers fled. But the spam in the comments has finally driven me to start using Blogger.  I tried restricting my comments to only LJ users. That stopped the spam, but it also kept a lot of my friends from commenting.

If you frequent Blogger, I'd love to have you as a follower. I'll follow you back, if I'm not already.


Who knows, some day I may come back to posting here--this is where the magic began. 



I'm happy to follow you there, but I don't always manage to read LJ...not sure I'll actually see your posts on a regular basis. Can you cross-post?

I'd love to have you follow me. I don't comment on your posts often, but I do read them regularly. Actually, I use Twitter to know when new posts go up and what people are doing.

I probably will cross-post. I just haven't taken the time to figure out how to do it.

Edited at 2013-01-11 12:33 am (UTC)

You might even be able to set the cross posts here to end "please comment over there".


But yeah, I know those "I haven't figured that out yet, I know I _could_ figure it out, but I'm already short on time for errands, chores, and creative pursuits" blues.


I'll probably end up asking someone who already does it. It seems better to spend my time writing than figure out cross-posting or removing spam :)


LOL! Yes! I do that too.
I hardly notice the spam (I just delete it as a matter of fact), but I'm sorry you're leaving (though I understand). I don't really look at blogspot, but if you cross-post ever, I'll definitely drop in :)

I was fine with deleting until I got 18 spam comments in less than an hour.

Yeah, I'm definitely will try and get cross-posting up and running.