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I've Been Tagged: The 7-7-7 Challenge

Over the weekend I was tagged by my writing friend, Lora Rivera, http://lorariverainsidewriting.blogspot.com/ --if you have a moment, check out her 7 sentence post. She has a wonderful gothic brewing.

The 7-7-7 Challenge:
Flip to page 77 or page 7 of your current WIP.
Find line 7.
Post the 7 sentences that follow.
Tag 7 more writers.

One of my goals for this past weekend was to work on a specific character. The challenge sentences happened to be a setting description which involves that same character. So I posted my quick revision, not polished, but not the old draft either.

My WIP is a YA gothic, MOONHILL:

. . . A crystal chandelier hung down from a hammered tin ceiling and the tall windows revealed a view of the crescent-shaped hillside and the ocean to the south.

The antiques were as amazing as in the rest of the house, but here they reflected a love of the Empire period, and someone’s obsession with silver tea sets and eggs--marble eggs and jeweled eggs and amazing eggs painted with intricate designs, displayed in primitive carved boxes and under glass domes.

“We’re in the den,” Olya’s voice came from an open doorway.

Olya, Zachary and a man I assumed was my uncle David sat on cushions around a low table which looked like it belonged in a Japanese restaurant. It was the least formal room I’d seen since I’d gotten to Moonhill, pretty much a normal den with cushy chairs and big couch, a huge television and computer desk. And a fish tank full of what looked like rat-size leaches. They had to belong to Zachary.


My 7-7-7 authors are:

1.Anabel http://anabelgonzalez.livejournal.com/
2.Kelly http://kellyhashway.blogspot.com/
3.Alice http://alicelbeesley.blogspot.com/
4.Anne http://critically-yours.blogspot.com/
5.Marcia http://marciahoehne.blogspot.com/
6. Suzanne http://suannewarr.com/blog/
7.If you’d like to take part please do so. The more the merrier!

I’d love to read what you’re working on. But if you don’t feel like participating, please don’t feel like you have to. No pressure, really. Regardless, I’m sending tons of good writing vibes your way.

If you decide to play, then let me know when the post goes up because I’d love to read your lines!

As a bonus here’s a hint about the character change I’m making. Sometimes research is just plain fun—well, most of the time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l63OyUrBifc&feature=related


Thanks for the tag. Here's the link to my seven lines: http://kellyhashway.blogspot.com/2012/03/lucky-7-meme.html
You are one fast woman! I'll check it out right now.
So Olya, eh? I like the new name. :0) But I'd read most of the rest (well not the egg part but that's her new thing, right?)
I went in the ethnic direction instead of the old hippy/new age. I was trying to find a reason for her to have wax dribbles, burns and other oddities. I owe you a huge thanks for pushing me to dig deeper.
I'm so intrigued! Your setting is lush, juxtaposing the strange and familiar. Definitely makes me want to read more. Thanks for playing :)
Thank you for inviting me. It's interesting to see how we all ended up with different types of snippets.

thank you!!! I already did the challenge!!
I'll go check it out! Thanks for playing, Anabel.
Ohhh, thanks for the mention (and the tag!). Though... eek! Second time I've been tagged for this this past week, and last time I looked page 7 didn't look so hot... might need to do some revision myself! ;)

Very intriguing setting description you've got!
I had the same reaction to my seven lines. I think that's what happens when we really focus on something taken out of context.
A modern day Beauty and the Beast sounds great. If you think about it, the original Beauty and the Beast has a lot of gothic elements to the story and setting.